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Supergirl by spriteman1000
I thought I'd draw Kara in her Rebirth outfit. Things that bother me about this one. Her face is a little off, and my line work needs... well, work. Critiques are welcome!
Moxie by spriteman1000
Name: Moxie
Real Name: Maya McDaniel
Hair: Black (dyed brown and blond)
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human
Relatives: Alexis McDaniel (sister) General Albert McDaniel (father)
Powers: Flight, superhuman strength, able to lift over 10 tons, impervious to fear.
Maya grew up in a strict household. He father, a military man, was a loving, but stern father to her and her sister, Alexis. Even though he was hard on her, he only wanted the best for his children. Maya grew to be resentful, and rebellious, and she needed an outlet. When she decided to join the army, her father was adamant that neither she, nor her sisters were to enlist. The things he'd seen, not just the war, but something... else. She went against her father's wishes, and spent one tour in [insert country]. While in [insert country], she found a shard, a an orange shimmering gem. She could hear voices coming from it, but not with her ears, it was speaking to her soul. She found that as long as she had it on her person, she had no fear. Being impervious to fear would have it's drawbacks, in that it made her incredibly reckless, and overconfident. After arriving home, she and the shard would go on to bond on a deeper level, even literally merging with her. She would now have access to the complete power of the shard, granting her superior strength and flight. The words of her commanding officer, "In all my years serving in the United States Army, have I ever seen anyone with such moxie." "Moxie, I like that, Sir."
Sirius the Wolfman by spriteman1000
Sirius the Wolfman
Name: Sirius

Real name: Malcolm Magorian

Malcolm's past in shrouded in mystery. The only thing he's had in his possession since his youth is his moon pendant. The moon pendant helps him control his lycanthropy.

Werewolves and vampires have been enemies for centuries, though Hagan and Sirius have come to a mutual agreement. While in human form, werewolves have heightened senses, which makes them excellent trackers. New werewolves are unable to control their impulses on nights with a full moon so they transform into a full lupine form, they're difficult to discern from regular wolves in the wild. Werewolves have two other transformations, the second is a form Sirius prefers to take, this form looks similar to the "Wolfman" character played by Lon Chaney Jr., he's more agile, stronger and his senses are heightened, more so than in the lupine form. The third form is the most monstrous, so much so, that Sirius doesn't like to take it. The werewolf becomes a monstrous bipedal beast, he/she looses control and their strength is increases 10 fold. This form looks similar to the werewolf in "American Werewolf in London." Lycanthropy can be hereditary or a person can become one through a special ritual.


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name: Stellar
Real name: Corey Costellanos
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue, sometimes yellow when using powers
Species: Human/Templorian hybrid
Relatives: Corinna Costellanos (mother), Horizonman (father)
Powers: Templorian physiology, flight, energy manipulation, infrared vision, superhuman strength, able to lift up to 2 tons.
Affiliations: Maximum Force, NASA
Corey was born and raised in Safe Haven City to a human mother, and a Templorian father, who also happened to be the world's most famous superhero, Horizonman. It wasn't until later in life, did he find out he was the son of Horizonman. Growing up, Corey didn't have the same role models other kids his age would look up to. He admired and idolized Neil Armstrong, Michio Kaku, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Corey would often take his telescope into the woods and night, and use it to pinpoint his favorite star, Zeta Leonis. Corey was on his way home from school, when he was jumped by a few neighborhood bullies. One of the bullies held him, while the other punched him in the stomach. His powers manifested on the spot, when one of the bullies was blasted by a photon blast from his hand. In shock, and horror, the bullies ran away. Corey ran home, surprised, and frightened by what he just did. When he told his mother, she sat with him, and explained the whole thing. He was curious, and confused by what his mother just told him. He was actually part alien, and this desire to touch the stars was because of that. After a few failed attempts at playing superhero in a costume he made himself, he was recruited by a man who worked for an organization called [insert name here], who's main goal is the study of extraterrestrial biology, culture, etc. They were tasked with the responsibility of training Corey, teaching him the limits of his powers, and learning from them about the culture of Templor. He would adopt the name Stellar, and go on to perform great acts of heroism. He would eventually join forces with Maxout, and others to form Maximum Force.

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